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PopJam is the leading community platform for content creators to connect with their younger audiences in a fun and non-toxic environment.

On PopJam you can:

  • Create a loyal fanbase of users through your dedicated Groups and channels
  • Use our rich suite of engagement tools, including quizzes, polls and games
  • Hold live-streaming JAM events and game with your fans in exclusive and safe environments


Why PopJam?

Creators who understand and value their younger audiences are aware the majority of social community platforms weren’t built with them in mind.

PopJam exists to build social communities for the U13 metaverse, fueling an authentic social environment for kids to engage, play and chat about the things they love. Underpinned by safety and compliance, PopJam prioritizes offering a controlled and moderated environment to users.

Getting started on PopJam

For information on getting set up on PopJam contact [email protected] or check out our guides here.

Want to be a verified Creator?

If you’d like to sign up and become a verified creator on PopJam, get in touch here.